Mikron Theatre Beer Street 25th June

Saturday 25th June 5pm

I know the cinema has been going a few weeks now, but we like to milk the attention so we’re hosting an official launch party for our Pilsner Presents Cinema & Theatre.  We are extremely lucky to have the very apt Theatre Production ‘Beer Street’ performed by the Mikron Touring Theatre.

Beer Street is a lively show telling the story Beer & Pubs has played in society.  This Mikron classic has been re-worked and updated to co-incide with CAMRA‘s 40th anniversary and takes some of it’s inspiration from Beer Writer (& Friend of the Thatchers) Pete Brown.

The show starts at 5pm sharp to allow for a few slurps of the Original Pilsner afterwards.  Tickets are free although limited so booking is essential.  You will be able to order food (not free) from our Pilsner Presents Menu to enjoy during the production either pre or post interval.  Orders in advance are welcomed.

Donations for the Mikron Theatre Company will be greatly received on the day.


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