Charity Beer vs Wine & Food Matching Evening

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Hardknott Dave's Blog: Saturday Kitchen 'Attack'

It all started with a tweet or 1500… Disillusioned with the lack of beer appearing on one of the nations favourite cookery programmes, a ‘renegade’ group of twitter powered beer geeks rushed the #saturdaykitchen twitterfeed. The aim was to suggest great beers that could match the various recipes alongside the array of wines that the show had picked.  It’s not that wine and food don’t go together, I enjoy a glass of wine with a meal, but there are many beers, lots of UK beers, that work equally well with food, and sometimes even better.  Beer, our national drink,  isn’t showcased in the media, in the public eye, anywhere near as well as wine and we all hoped it was time for a change. If you would like a gentle introduction to the idea of Beer & Food matching you could do much worse than reading Mark Dredge’s great little blog on ‘The Six Types of Beer & Food Pairing‘.

Sadly our efforts were largely ignored by the Saturday Kitchen team.  Perhaps we came across a touch intimidating, perhaps they thought we’d go away, perhaps they’re waiting for the next series…  Thankfully Tim Atkin, general wine buff and one of the Saturday Kitchen team, didn’t ignore us.  His tweet said simply ‘Nope. Wine works better with food’ and started a huge twitter debate.  Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask Tim along to a tasting and he accepted the challenge.  Once the challenge was set Tim asked if we could make the evening a charity event and things have snowballed from there.  Beer writers Melissa Cole & Adrian Tierney-Jones have agreed to come along and pick the beers. Adnams, Slurpbeer & Slurpwine all agreed to help wherever they could.

The date has been set: Friday October 28th.  We will be offering a 5 course menu (still to be decided) and our experts will be matching a beer & a wine with each course. We’ll vote ‘Ready, Steady, Cook‘ style and the winner gets to choose which Charity the money goes to.  The evening will be non-profit making for the Thatchers Arms.  Tickets will be £35 per head and we aim to get as much sponsored as possible.  The more we get sponsored the more money goes to charity.  We would also like to have a small auction, so if you think you can help in any way then please, PLEASE get in touch.

What kind of help are we looking for? As you can see we have the wine & beer supply all wrapped up, but we are still looking for the menu to be sponsored.  We would also like another wine guru to give Tim a hand, we don’t want him to have an excuse if he loses! It would also be fantastic to get a celebrity chef along. It’s not that we don’t have a fantastic kitchen team, but hopefully the draw of a celeb will help us fill this event and get as much money for charity as we can, and some cheap labour always comes in handy too 🙂

If you want to come along then please book, places are limited, and trust me this is not an event to miss! If you would like an idea of what’s in store you can read about our last Beer vs Wine and Food matching evening on my blog, or from Adnams or Pete Brown’s point of view.


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