The Kernel IPA Columbus/Summit

Striving to find the best beers in the UK to share with all of our customers is admittedly a pleasurable task: beer tastings; pub visits; brewery visits; ‘it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it’. Since revamping the beer list at the beginning of the year I have been keen to get hold of some beer from The Kernel Brewery, London.  We were lucky enough to have a rare cask of their Amarillo Pale Ale for our London Beer Festival last year, but since winning Brewer of the Year at last years Guild of Beer Writers awards, the beer has become like gold dust…

On a recent trip to London to collect more Camden Town Brewery beer (including a keg of their Pale Ale for our next ‘guest keg’ beer),  I also managed to convince Kernel brewer Evin to part with some bottles of this illusive nectar.

The first of his beer to grace our beer list will be the 6.8% India Pale Ale with Columbus & Summit Hops. Kernel beers are generally bottle conditioned, typical of their IPA’s and Pale ale it pours a slightly hazy deep amber colour with a frothy white head. There are definite citrus and tropical fruit aromas alongside some earthy pine notes.  First sip reveals a sticky malt sweetness with tropical fruit & piney citrus flavours, although it seems that almost as soon as they appear they are balanced by the more acidic grapefruit. This is a full bodied beer with a nicely balanced biscuit malt base and a long bitter finish.

This is not a beer for the feint hearted, it is big, bold and bitter and weighing in at 6.8% it’s not a session beer either.  This is a great beer to sip and savour or to enjoy with food.  Try it with our Chilli Chicken Sandwich or the Lamb, Rosemary & Chilli Burger.

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