Talk Like a Pirate DayOur next beer festival runs for five days from the 18th – 22nd September and includes International Talk Like a Pirate Day, yes it IS a real thing…

We decided it would a fun theme that had legs (albeit wooden ones).  There will be some swashbuckling surprises and some lovely grog for your land lubbers to enjoy.  the beers will have a pirate theme but we’ll still be keeping the standards high so you get the best beer for your hard earned pieces of eight…

So far we have Adnams Ghostship, Oakham Scarlet Macaw, Gadds Black Pearl Oyster Stout, Colchester Brewery Jack Spitty’s Smugglers Ale and a few others in mind, but the full list is still a work in progress and will be announced at the beginning of September.  Meanwhile if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them.

We are hoping to have a folk night including some Sea Shanty singing, live music from Tequila Mockingbird who had their live debut at our last festival, a beer and food matching evening and more…

Including a charity cinema evening, a screening of the Sound of Music for you all to dress up and sing along to! Watch this space for more details.



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