T’ winners o’ our grog festival competition

Ahoy there landlubbers!

We ran a little competition t’ see how creative our customers were… £20 o’ vouchers for t’ best pirate photo, video, poem or haiku on our Facebook or Twitter stream, here be t’ winners!

All o’ t’ pirates below have won £20 t’ spend on grog at our festival this weekend, come and claim your booty!

1) Our first entry…

Cap’n Graham James Birks


2) A stunning sea shanty performed and sung by Trevor Parrot (yes that’s actually his name)

3) A fine beard for a cap’n…

Cap’n Casey Dale Parker

Bretts says arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

4) A jolly ‘ol poem

Cap’n Clive Gilham
We’re hoping that a picture of Bacchus in a patch
Will be enough to impress the judges at the thatch(ers)
We need some pieces of eight to go towards our beers
And to raise a glass to septembaaaaaa and all say cheers

5) And finally, the only haiku…

Cap’n Peter Harper
Pirates seek their kin:
Under grey september skies
Home port calls – Mount Bures


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