Midweek Meal & a Matched Drink £10!

Starting today at the Thatchers is a new midweek offer…

We’ll be serving a different meal from our specials boards each day with a carefully chosen paired drink for just £10. “Mitch’s Match of the Day” will be available Tuesday – Friday lunchtimes and Tuesday to Thursday evenings.  One meal from our specials boards will be paired with a beer, cider or wine and if served together they’ll be just £10.

Cider vs Wine

At The Thatchers we hold regular beer & food matching dinners and have also hosted several vs matches between beer, cider and wine. I write about beer, cider and food matching for the trade press and thought this would be a great opportunity to share my love of food and drink pairing with you.

Today [Wed 16th October 2013] we’ll be serving a rich lamb & corriander curry with a pint of Adnams Ghostship, maybe tomorrow we’ll have Kerridges Grandfather Sausages with Calvors Dark Lager. We might have Coq Au Vin with a glass of Merlot or Mussels cooked in Aspall Cyder with a glass of the same. We’ll change the meal and the match every day, but the price stays the same, £10. Just watch out on Twitter & Facebook to see what we’ve got each day…

Of course you’ll be able to have the meal without the drink, but we think you’ll be missing out! A wise man once said “Food comes in a wide variety of flavors. Beer comes in a wide variety of flavors. And, if you pair them correctly, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”  Garrett Oliver. I think to this applies to any carefully considered match and hope you’ll try some of ours…

Also don’t miss our tutored cider and food tasting on Nov 2nd with Pete Brown & Henry Chevallier for the ‘Worlds Best Cider’ book launch.worlds best ciders


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