Beer and Music matching

Only a few years ago matching a meal with beer was seen as experimental by some, now award winning beer writer Pete Brown is pairing the world’s most loved liquid with music, and to impressive effect!

Beer and Music MatchingI managed to see Pete’s short beery show at the fantastic Stoke Newington Literary Festival. Sitting down with six beers, two disguised and wrapped in brown paper, a peg and a packet of skittles in front of me, I wondered how this might work. Is there terroir with music and beer matching? Does the saxophone go with beers from it’s fatherland Belgium? Does country music sound better with a glass of beer from Georgia brewery Sweetwater? Why do guitars taste like hops? What the hell is that peg for?

Actually there is quite a bit of science behind it, and Pete has teamed up with Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University to research these links. Don’t worry though,  this isn’t a lecture, our renowned raconteur Pete breezes through the science bit effortlessly and still manages to get the audience gasping and guffawing along with some crowd rousing tunes. Obviously the enjoyment is enhanced by the beautiful beers, and whats more there’s no need to feel guilty about your imbibing, you’re learning a little bit!

londonbeercityThis weekend sees the start of London Beer City, a week long celebration of beer in the capital. What better way to kick things off than listening to Pete, and his eclectic taste in music, whilst drinking delicious beer.

Sunday night 7pm at The Bull, Highgate
Tickets £15 including beers and some nibbles.

We also have a beer festival at The Bull for London Beer City: 14th – 17th August ‘Beyond the Pale’

Thursday night 7pm – Meet our brewer. Join Rich for a tasting a selection of our beers including our one off black IPA fermented on dark cherries, Cherry Bomb. No tickets, just show up.

Friday 7:30pm – Beer & Food matching evening. A seven course tapas style meal paired with different beers from our festival – tickets essential – only £35 for all seven courses and beers.


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