London Brewing Co Black Dog Porter

colour logoA robust porter brewed as a tribute to the those that once made London one of the most important brewing centers in the World. A modest 4.7%, but full of chocolate, caramel, biscuit, raisin and roast flavours with a rich complexity from the additional speciality Belgian & German malts. It’s also been packed with English hops to balance the sweet malty notes. Those Fuggles and Goldings add a smooth lingering bitterness and whilst it’s not a hop forward beer, there are some moreish earthy, spicy notes to draw you in and make you want another.

Up until the early 1800’s Highgate had a pub called the Old Black Dog, now the site of St Joseph’s on Highgate Hill, it was reportedly named after the popular pooch favoured by the cattle drovers who frequented the pub.

Dylan on his ‘Gotcha’ day 2007

Our own popular pooch, Dylan, is a black lab cross with a white flash on his chest reminiscent of the fluffy white head on our Black Dog Porter. He too is full of character and draws everybody in as soon as they meet him.

Dylan, now a London Brewing Company pub dog, can be found regularly sauntering around The Bull, always looking for affection, not treats, usually in his favourite place “in the way”. He also frequents our sister pub, The Bohemia, and even oversaw delivery of the new brewery recently.

Dylan at The Bohemia, Finchley

“There are pub dogs, then there is Dylan”
Adrian Tierney-Jones, Telegraph

Dylan is 8, he has been a pub dog since he was about 16 weeks old when we fostered him from Futures for Dogs, a rescue center in Kent. The above quote was written about him in a Telegraph review of my last pub The Thatchers Arms by the eminent, eloquent beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones.

Futures for Dogs is a wonderful charity, fostering and re-homing dogs to give them a new life with loving families. They have huge costs, vet bills mainly, and every penny comes from donations. So from every pint of Black Dog Porter sold by London Brewing Co will donate 20p to Futures for Dogs in Dylans name. You will find this limited edition beer at The Bull and The Bohemia while stocks last!

If you have met Dylan I hope you will feel generous enough to support his rescue home by joining us for a pint, and if you are feeling exceptionally generous or can’t make it to the pub, you can donate via PayPal!



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