What are you funding?

Award winning beer writer, cider oracle and good friend of mine Pete Brown has just launched his latest book idea on Unbound, a crowd funding site for authors.

Crowd funding appears to be the new black. Recently, online fine food box retailer Flavourly shunned investment from Dragons Den in favour of crowd funding and is racing towards its total already passing the Dens offer of investment. At the time of writing Camden Town Brewery have raised just shy of £1m of their £1.5m #hellsraiser Crowdcube target to build a new brewery. Last year restaurateur Gary Usher from Sticky Walnut took to Kickstarter to raise funds for his new venture Burnt Truffle promising investors meals, parties, aprons, a life size cut out-out of one of his chefs and more depending on their level of investment. The restaurant community on Twitter got behind him in a big way and saw the target of £100,000 met in time for deadline day. This was my first foray into crowd funding and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to enjoy a meal at Burnt Truffle knowing I made a small part of it happen.

I loved Pete’s first four beer books, and whilst there are a lot of facts, figures, dates and historical events dotted throughout them, it never feels hard work. It’s almost as though you are sitting in a pub enjoying a pint with Pete listening to him regale stories about breweries, beer, pubs and his travels. I am sure his latest beer book will have the same relaxed feel whilst it walks us through the four main ingredients in beer, extolling the virtues of each of them, describing their own unique effect of the flavour and feel of the pint in our hand.

Pete1 copy

Nobody has written a book quite like this about beer and I think it would be a great loss if we don’t ever get to see it in print. That’s why I have taken to crowd funding for the second time. Plus apparently I have access to Pete’s shed, which I can only assume is crammed full of beer where the pruning shears and old croquet set used to be…

£20 for a book with your name in that you helped into print. It’s a bargain.


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