What a difference four years makes…

Four years ago, I was getting ready to launch a very ambitious beer festival back at The Thatchers Arms in Mount Bures. It co-incided with the Royal Wedding and was running over twelve days and two four day bank holiday weekends. The theme, London Brewers. We had ten different London beers on at any one time (as well as a host of locals ones) and, if I remember rightly, got through around 2500 pints of London beers from brewers such as Redemption, Windsor & Eton, Brodies, Kernel, Fullers, H’apenny, Meantime & Twickenham.

Thatchers Beer FestivalBack in 2011 the fledgling London beer scene was just starting to get exciting, it took very careful planning to get a varied beer list from the then small number of brewers in the city. It was one of the first events outside London that The Londons Brewers Alliance helped with. Back then I particularly remember having Kernel, ON CASK (cheers to @TheHappyBat for delivering it!) and a firkin of Fullers Past Masters Double Stout. Pete Brown hosted a book & beer matching talk pairing Man Walks into a Pub with Meantime Pale Ale and Three Sheets to the Wind with Kernel Amarillo Pale Ale, a brilliant evening.

After the first six days we were out of beer. Three months of planning to get these breweries together to deliver to the rural Essex/Suffolk borders and the village with 100 chimney pots drank me dry! Thanks to some very helpful and enthusiastic brewres we got our second delivery organised and up to Mount Bures in record time and we carried on for another weekend of beery goodness.

Scroll forward almost exactly four years and I have moved on to The Bull in Highgate, we are just finalising The Northern Line Beer Festival, with over 80 breweries now in the city we wouldn’t have room to do them justice, so we narrowed it down to brewers within a mile of Northern Line stations. We have over 40 beers from 12 breweries being served across two pubs, and Pete Brown is back to host another book & beer matching talk, just like old times!

beerfestWe have a host of events including a beer & food matching evening and FREE BEER with Adrian Tierney-Jones at The Bohemia on Saturday afternoon.

The London beer scene is currently bursting at the seams with exciting beers, breweries and events, what a treat to be part of it.


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