Stoked to be stocked at Stokey #budvartent

Stokey Lit FestIt’s been a year since the pink parade of culture pounded the pavements of Stoke Newington and for the second year running I am in charge of the bars… Not including the local venues which have their own (The Prince, Mascara Bar, Ryans & Haunt) we have seven bars around Stokey over the weekend (3rd – 5th June 2016!). The main one being the #budvartent back in it’s rightful home outside the Town Hall after a brief interruption for part of last years festival. There does seem to be an almost mythical status surrounding this focal frolicking point, some say it holiday’s in Honlulu between Stokey festivals and that bar staff are all secret cage fighters, all we know is that it’s called the #budvartent

We have some incredible friends in the industry who have bent over backwards this year, even more so it seems than in the past, to bring you the best festival bar line up whichever event you’re attending. They must really be stoked to be stoked at Stokey right? I’ve already dropped a hint as to which lager we’ll be serving, but as a real treat we’ll also have Budvar Special Krausened lager on draught alongside the Original. Redemption have kindly brewed a cask ale for us again and this year it’s been named after the worlds coolest librarian Richard ‘Boonie Pop’ Boon. I’ll be bringing some beers from London Brewing Co too, there’s the aptly named ‘Never Mind The Kent Hops’ a twist on a classic ESB served on keg for the first time at Stokey, we’ll also have a limited supply of pHucshia our sour cherry and raspberry Berliner Weisse just because it’s Lit Fest pink.

If you want to try more beer then come along to London’s Brewing on Saturday at 6pm with Pete Brown, myself, 40ft Brewery, Redemption & Brew by Numbers and a whole load of beer samples…

aspallDon’t worry if you’re not into beer though, Aspall have come through for us again and we’ll have three of their fabulous ciders including Isabel’s Berry. Then, garnished with pink grapefruit and rosemary Sacred Distillery and Fever-tree bring you the best G&T in town, especially with the addition of Sacred’s Pink Grapefruit Gin to our bars. Arran single malt whisky makes an appearance for the first time and local wine merchants Borough Wines have put a mighty fine wine list together for us this year.

Forget your ID, driving miss Daisy? Don’t worry, we’ve got Hackney’s poshest pop for the tour bus drivers and kiddiewinks attending our events. Square Root are once again furnishing us with soft drinks almost as cool as Richard Boon – especially look out for the uber-fresh strawberry bottled just days before the festival!

As you’d expect from such a fabled bar there is some enchanting entertainment throughout the weekend. Follow the#budvartent  hashtag on twitter to see who’s up next, and keep an eye out for the one, the only Bikini Beach Band coming to the stage sometime on Sunday…


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