Remembering pubs

I’ve been thinking lots about pubs while they’ve been closed for the past 11 weeks. Admittedly that’s partly because my role is dependent on them, but it’s more than that. I love pubs, I always have and I miss them enormously right now. It’s not just about beer, pubs are often at the heart of … More Remembering pubs

CAMRA courts all beer and cider drinkers as it widens remit

Some time ago I became frustrated with CAMRA, but this morning’s press release (below) seems to show that there could be life in the old dog yet! If members approve the remit of the consumer organisation will widen to include what they describe as all ‘quality beer and cider’. They will still focus on the … More CAMRA courts all beer and cider drinkers as it widens remit

Moving on…

It has been just over two years since I left rural Essex and moved back to London to immerse myself more fully in the cities burgeoning craft beer scene. Being at the helm of The Bull for London Brewing Co has been an incredible opportunity and has certainly helped me to achieve my initial goal. … More Moving on…

Brewdog #whostheboss

Before I start… I do not, and have not ever, worked for Brewdog. On occasion I have disagreed with the way they’ve  gone about things. However, they have had some fantastic PR stunts, they do make great beer, they have built a company with a great brand, loyal following and huge turnover in a relatively … More Brewdog #whostheboss

London Brewing Co Northern Line Beer Festival

April 22nd – 26th 2015 London Brewing Company pubs The Bull (Highgate) & The Bohemia (North Finchley) are hosting a joint beer festival over the St George’s weekend. The festival will feature beers brewed up and down the Northern line including the two brewpubs own beers brewed within short walks of Highgate & Woodside park … More London Brewing Co Northern Line Beer Festival